Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goodbye 23, HELLO 24!!

Last night, I took some time and thought about everything that had happened over the last year.  As my last day being 23, I wanted to remember what kind of year it had been.

And my 23rd year was pretty awesome.

One of the most important things that happened this year was accomplishing a goal that I had been working towards for years. I finished my novel.  Granted, I am still working on tweaking this scene or that, but the material is there.  62,000 words that are all mine.  Characters that wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t created them.  When I look at those pages, I know (even though I’m not published) that I did it.  And that to me, is one of the greatest accomplishments that for a long time, I could only dream of, but now I’ve done. It.

I got my picture taken with my #1 favorite celebrity/person and had an awesome weekend in the middle of nowhere hanging out with the coolest person I know (she put up with my incessant rambling of those precious seconds that I shared with Randy while she was an AWESOME friend and took the picture—so Thank you for that (because I can’t say it enough!))

I went to four other events aside from the one mentioned above, and I got to be an crazy fangirl for a few hours each time.  I don’t care how many I go to, it’s never the same and it’s always amazing.

I saw Maroon 5 in concert!  And they were spectacular! It was one of the best concerts I have EVER been to and I can’t wait to see them again. 

I also saw Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, and Jake Owen (and of course his wardrobe malfunction happened the very NEXT night after I saw him…) as well as Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, and Jana Kramer, and they were all incredible!

I also got to relive Prom this year by going to the Hawk & Tom SuperProm where everyone (well most everyone) dressed up as superheroes!

I climbed waterfalls!  There are three waterfalls, two near the road, and one set back in the mountains, and my sister and I conquered all three!  And while it was hot out as we trekked through the woods to this third waterfall (which at times we were beginning to wonder if it even existed!) we finally made it and it was worth it.  Not just for the view but for the spontaneous sister day that we had, hiking to waterfalls (and if you knew either one of us AT ALL you would know what a big accomplishment that was in itself), sitting and playing in said waterfall, and then driving up through the mountains and enjoying the peacefulness that it brings.  My sister and I visit the waterfalls on the weekends when we can and it’s almost like a tradition now to go there with her.  I wouldn’t trade our time for anything (unless I could trade the hiking time for more chilling by the waterfall time…the woods are not our friend…)

I also went on a cruise with the amazing girls that I work with, and I appreciate them and my firm so much for what they have taught me.  It is such a difference working somewhere where everyone works together as a team and there’s no backstabbing to get ahead like in retail (and the clientele is a lot better too).  It’s surprising how much stress from your job can affect your entire life.  It’s even more surprising how quickly that can turn around once you remove yourself from that stressful environment.  I know I am very fortunate to love my job and enjoy going to work every day.  Sure, I’m not writing full time, but sadly that doesn’t pay the bills right now.  I still have time to write after work and on the weekends, and I do take advantage of it because I love to do it. 

And in mentioning my cruise, I go on and on about how awesome work is and don’t talk about how fun the cruise was!  I can’t lie though, 90% of the time, I was either on the back Serenity deck or at the 24 hr. Ice Cream Bar…luckily, they were very close to each other.  The Bahamas was fun though and I would definitely go back on another cruise and hopefully soon!  The water is just soooooo pretty!

Even with all I did over the past year, it wouldn’t have meant near as much to me if it hadn’t been for the people I spent those times with, and to those people, and everyone else in my life that I hold dear, thank you.  Thank you for being who you are and for letting me be who I am.  Thank you for enduring my crazy, eccentric, obsessive, weird and nerdy self and for always being willing to join in with whatever crazy scheme I have concocted for us.  I could tell you how much you mean to me, but there aren’t enough words, and there’s not nearly enough time in the world for me to say it right.

So as I start my first day as a 24 year old, I realize that this year has a lot to live up to compared to last year.  But I know and feel that this will be the best year yet.  I can’t wait to see what 24 has in store because I know that the whole world is open to me and nothing can hold me back.

I hope you’re ready!

The Bahamas as we sailed into Port...isn't it so pretty?!