Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a New Year!!!

So we're ten days into 2011!

And I haven't updated in almost a month and a half...

But that's ok, because things are finally getting back to normal around here (except for the ten inches of snow outside...because that's not really normal for around here...but I'm not complaining because it's snow), and I finally feel as if I have time to breathe.

Working retail during Christmas is tough, not to mention everything else you have to do during the Christmas season, and this year, it just seemed as if I didn't have time for it all.  I barely had time to sleep with all the hours I was putting in at work.  It's finally over though, and I'm settling back into my normal routine of finding ways (some new, some tried and true) to procrastinate from working on my manuscript.

I actually did quite well before work became so hectic--not with keeping up with the blog, but with writing--and then a few days ago, I sat down and read over what I had written...and I scrapped most of it (to save everyone some tears, I won't tell you exactly how much I scrapped...), so in doing that, it set me back...waaaaay back.  But it was better to do it now, then to keep building on that particular plot twist and then have to throw out even more later on.  So, this is progress.

So for tonight, I've decided (after posting this, of course) that I'm not going to procrastinate (this is partly due to my cable being out thanks to the snow), and I'm going to get some much needed writing done.

Happy New Year to everyone!